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  Wenzhou Tianmei Packaging PrintingCo., Ltd., China's first printing in the city ---- Wenzhou Longgang. Our company was established in 1992, a total area of 10000m2, building area of more than 6800m2. Present more than 280 employees, and dozens of technical staff and quality management.
  The company specializes in the design, production of sewing and pressing of the packaging bags, accounting for 30% of the exports to the EU's products meet EN71 standard, free of 15 types of phthalates. Compliance with international environmental non-toxic PVC products (PVC bubble stickers, PVC inflatable bags, PVC paper bags, PVC injection water bag, PVC oil filling bags, PVC jacket dictionary, PVC badges, PVC cards, PVC cards, PVC chips) and related associated non-toxic PVC wrapping bone, non-toxic PVC zipper head / zipper; non-woven bags (color composite non-woven bags); PP woven bag child (color composite PP woven sub); RPET bags (color composite RPET bags); EVA bag (EVA bag, color); PE Bag (HDPE / LDPE); shrink film (PVC, POE, PET, PE material); OPP bags are our company's main product.
  Equipment has 100 sewing machines, 50 high-frequency ultrasound, five-color Heidelberg presses imported from Germany, Japan, eight-color press and other automatic computer. Advanced equipment, providing quality assured!
  And cooperation between our company internationally renowned brand of the company Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Italy Vega 3, Coca-Cola, Avon, Disney Company, Mengniu, Yili Corporation.